SUNDAY BRUNCH (11:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M., bar opens at 11:00 A.M.)

Menu items subject to change depending on seasonal availability. 


PAN CON TOMATEtoasted ‘pizza bianca’, rubbed with tomato-olive oil-garlic 6
smoky eggplant, carrot-tahini, tzatziki, feta-tomato-oregano, colorful olives, grilled pita 12
golden + red farm beets, their tops cut fine, toasted walnuts; add goat or blue cheese + $2 14
mindfully sourced, carefully opened, server quoted, sauce mignonette, per half dozen 18
house-cured salmon, dill mustard, pickled onions, toasted ZTB rye bread 14


FRUIT-YOGURT-GRANOLA ripe fruit, strained minted yogurt, house-made granola 12
BELGIUM ‘LEIGE’ WAFFLES authentic ‘yeasted’ waffes, made to order, vanilla creme anglaise, macerated red fruits 14
FRENCH TOAST ZTB sourdough bread, farm egg custard, josper-roasted, cinnamon-sugar, maple syrup, creme fraiche 14
ISRAELI SHAKSHUKA shirred farm eggs, red pepper-garlic-tomato confit, herb salad 15
NEW BENEDICT poached eggs, roasted-pressed-grilled pork belly, wilted greens, sourdough toasts, hollandaise sauce 16
THE SWEDE poached eggs, sliced gravlox, roasted potatoes, zaks rye toast, herb salad 16
SPANISH INQUISITION farm eggs shirred with spicy chorizo, grilled octopus + potatoes; saffron aioli, herb salad 16


OCTOPUS slow simmered, then josper-grilled; olive oil, herbs, lemon 24
DAILY FISH server quoted, josper-grilled 24
CHICKEN florida-rasied, all natural, heritage breed; tuscan-style, josper-grilled, grilled onions 25
HANGER STEAK florida-raised, grass-fed beef from ocala, josper-grilled 26


GRILLED EGGPLANT josper-roasted eggplant ‘steaks’, our garden rucola, sliced tomato, aioli, SSB pizza-bianco bread 12
DOUBLE STACKED BLT miami smokers smoked bacon, bibb lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, SSB pizza-bianca bread 14
CHARCOAL BURGER grass-fed beef, raised in florida; bacon-onion jam, cheddar cheese, our toasted brioche , container salad 16
FISH SANDWICH fresh local fish [market selection], josper-grilled, our toasted brioche, remoulade sauce, container salad 16


FARM EGG poached or shirred, from ocala florida one for 3 two for 5
POTATO WEDGES josper-roasted, herbed-olive oil 5
BACON double smoked from proper sausage 7
GARLIC SAUSAGE from proper sausage 7

* consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish [especially oysters], eggs, or unpasteurized cheeses may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition

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